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I do not receive notifications from the app. What should I do?

Please watch this video that explains why you can have issues receiving Hubble Connected for Motorola app notifications (an example is on an Android device).

Below are the written tips:

Note that when you are viewing the camera stream you won’t get notifications. The app is aware that you are watching what is happening, in which case there is no need to alert you. If however, you don’t get notifications when you are not using the app, please check the below settings:

  1. Have you allowed notifications in your phone’s settings? If not, please enable this. This is required to get notifications from the Hubble Connected for Motorola app.
  2. Do you have Do Not Disturb activated perhaps? If you enabled Do Not Disturb (in the app or on the phone level), you do not get any notifications.
  3. Have you logged out (using the logout option under account)? If you aren’t logged in, you won’t get any notifications. 
  4. Lastly please check the sensor settings of your camera to ensure that Motion Detection (as well as Sound and Temperature if supported) are activated.

If the above hasn’t solved your issue you may also try to log out from the app and log back in and check if it helped. 

Actualizado en mayo 27, 2022

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