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My camera is offline and I do not have access to it. Can you bring it online?

Unfortunately, we cannot bring your camera back online remotely. In most cases, you need to hard reset the camera in order to bring it back online and be connected locally to set up it back after the hard reset.

If Hubble servers work well (you can check the status of the servers at https://status.hubbleconnected.com), then please follow the below steps in order to bring the camera back online:

1. Refresh your camera list by pulling it down with your finger.

2. Turn the camera off and on again.

If this doesn’t help:

3. Tap on the yellow ‘know more’/’why offline’ button and re-register your camera following the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: You can use the third option only when you are connected locally, that is your mobile device and camera are connected to the same WiFi® network.

If after the re-registration your camera goes offline again, you are requested to do a hard reset:

  • Delete the camera again from the camera list (if listed only).
  • Then start the hard reset of the camera by holding down the ‘Pair’ button.
  • Turn the camera off while holding down the ‘Pair’ button.
  • After 10 seconds turn the camera back on, while still holding down the’ Pair’ button and wait until you hear a beep.
  • Now, wait till the LED starts blinking. This may take up to 20 seconds. 
  • Now set up your camera again.

Please note that hard reset steps depend on your camera model. If you are not sure about the reset steps, please check the user guide or contact our customer support at support@hubbleconnected.com.

Updated on May 26, 2022

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