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How do I set up my camera using Android device?

First of all make sure you have downloaded a correct app for your camera model:

Make sure you have the Wi-Fi® password at hand. If you have a set with a parent monitor, we recommend turning off your parent monitor while adding the camera to the app to avoid any interference.

  1. Log into Hubble Connected App and tap on + Add Camera.
  2. Tap on Baby or Home Monitoring (depending on the camera).
  3. Select your camera model from the available devices list.
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi password.
  5. Power on the camera and wait for the red LED to blink.
  6. Press and hold the pair button on the camera until you hear ‘Ready for Pairing’ voice message.
  7. You should hear a message: ‘Please generate the QR code and place it in the front of the camera’. Press on ‘Yes’.
  8. If you do not hear this message, then most probably your camera is not compatible with Hubble Connected app. Press on ‘No’ and you will be redirected to the screen with the link to download the correct app.
  9. Hold the mobile device 15-30 cm in front of the camera to generate the QR code.
  10. Hold the phone to scan the QR code.
  11. Wait for some time for the camera to complete the setup.
  12. Name your device and press on Continue the stream to complete QR code setup.

If for some reason setup using QR code did not work, you can try setting up the camera with WI-FI:

1. Tap on Try with WiFi setup.

2. Select detected device.

3. Wait for some time for the device to be detected.

4. Select your Wi-Fi network.

5. Enter Wi-Fi network password.

6. Wait for some time for the camera to complete the setup.

7. Name your device and press on  Start Viewing the stream.

Updated on March 4, 2021

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