How can I turn on app notifications?

If you want to receive notifications you need to allow for this in your phone settings and adjust below settings in the Hubble Connected for Motorola app:

  1. Click the gear icon corresponding to the camera.
  2. Tap ‘Sensor Settings’ to show you the options Motion Detection, Sound Detection, and Temperature Detection (if your camera supports it).
  3. Select any one of the options:
  • Motion Detection: ON/OFF. If this is ON, but the recording is not, the camera captures motion snapshot.  Motion snapshots will be displayed as a picture of the motion on the camera’s timeline and will be deleted after 24 hours. If Motion Detection is OFF you cannot turn on Motion Video Recording.
  • Motion Sensitivity: Low/Medium/High. Indicates how easily you would like motion to be triggered. High sensitivity means you will most likely get more motion notifications and recordings (if you are subscribed).
  • Motion Video Recording: Cloud/(SD Card)/OFF. Activating Motion Video Recording you get – apart from the notifications – motion-triggered videos (subject to membership plan). 
  • Sound Detection: ON/OFF (if supported). If activated, the app keeps a record of sound events and notifies you of such. 
  • Sound Sensitivity: Low/Medium/High. Adjust to modify how sensitive this individual camera will be to sound before it takes note and notifies you.
  • Temperature Detection: ON/OFF (if supported). If activated, the app keeps a record of the temperature and notifies you when it goes below your set low temperature and your set high temperature. 

Android™ allows you to select to be notified by sound and/or vibration (under Application Settings).


* Motion Video Recording on the Cloud can be activated only if you are either on a free trial, or you subscribed to our Hubble subscription plans. For more information about the subscription plans visit our site:

* Motion Video Recording on the SD Card can be activated only if the camera is equipped with an SD Card.

* When you are viewing the camera stream you won’t get notifications. The app is aware that you are watching what is happening, in which case there is no need to alert you. 

Updated on May 27, 2022

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