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General Questions

What is the Tare Weight feature?

The function is to reset the scale’s display to zero. When you measure your baby together with the soft pad, you don’t want to include the soft pad weight in the reading. 

  1. To tare the soft pad, place it on scale, wait for a stable reading. 
  2. Press the TARE button to reset the display to zero, the digit “0” is displayed.
How can I erase the weight data?

The weight data saved in scale memory will be erased when batteries are removed or replaced.

Are the batteries replaceable?

The battery operates with 4 AAA alkaline batteries type LR03 (1.5V). 

What does the Weight Change indicator show?

The scale tracks the weight change between current and last measurements. The weight change symbol appears together with the Memory symbol to show weight value change with Up arrow (weight gain) or Down arrow (weight loss) indications.