What does a video sleep diary offer?

The video sleep diary combines a video summary along with important statistics captured by the camera giving you a quick overview of what happened the day before. 

The video summary is a collection of all the motion triggered videos captured in a day summarized into one single video. The sleep summary also displays other statistics such as the daily count of motion, sound and temperature events. Temperature information shows whether the temperature is within the specified range and whether it went below or above it. 

If you are an iOS user you can view the video sleep diary by tapping the yellow arrow and play icon below the stream screen or on top of the Event History. 
An Android™ user finds the video sleep diary under the Events tap (where you can select between Camera Events and Video Sleep Diary). 

You don’t get the video sleep diary as yet? It is subject to membership to the Essentials (14 days) or Select (30 days) Hubble Connected for Motorola subscription plan. Anyone subscribed to such plan gets it!

Il n'y a pas de frais supplémentaires.

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