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How can I use Amazon Alexa with the HubbleClub app?

1. Téléchargez l'application Amazon Alexa:

2. Create a new account or log in with existing login details:

3. Click on More button in the bottom right corner, select Skills & Games and then select Your Skills option:

4. In a Search bar search for ‘Hubble’ and ‘Hubble baby’. Select the skills (one at a time) and click on ‘Enable to Use’ button:

5. Log in with HubbleClub account credentials and make sure to choose ‘Control your device through voice commands using Alexa‘ (for Hubble) and ‘Track your pregnancy and baby’s growth activities‘ (for Hubble Baby) and click on Allow button:

6. Your HubbleClub Account has been successfully linked to Amazon Alexa. 

REMARQUE: Works only in the English language. 

Mis à jour le mai 27, 2022

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