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My camera does not record motion-triggered events. What should I do?

If you subscribed to get the motion-triggered video recording (or you are using the free trial) and still do not get any motion events in the Event History, here are some settings to may want to check:

Plans: Under Plans, ensure that your camera is linked to the plan/free trial.

Check camera settings:

  1. Go to camera sensor settings.
  2. Make sure Motion Detection/Sensitivity is turned ON.
  3. Make sure that Motion Video Recording is set to Cloud.
  4. Make sure to check Motion Detection scheduling settings:
  • If Motion Detection Scheduling is ON but no schedule is set, the app does not detect motion. You need to set schedules and motion is detected within those schedules. 
  • If Motion Detection Scheduling is OFF, the app detects motion all the time.

If you still have issues with the motion recording, please email us at support@hubbleconnected.com or submit a ticket and we’d be happy to assist you further. Please make sure to send us the screen shot of the camera’s sensor settings as well for faster support.

Actualizado en mayo 26, 2022

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