I am missing events in my timeline. Why may that be?

If at times you have the impression that the app didn’t record a motion-triggered video whereas there was motion, this may be due to the effective range of the camera or the so-called cool-off period. 

1. Cool OFF period:

Please note that after each motion triggered event there is what we call a cool off period of 60-120 seconds (this varies per model). During this period motion is not recorded. After those 60-120 seconds, when there is again motion within the camera view, a new video is recorded, again with a maximum of 30 seconds per trigger event.

2. The effective range, that is the range within the camera detects and records motion varies per model:

  • The effective range of the indoor cameras is around 5m/16.4ft in daytime mode and to around 3m/10ft in night vision mode. 
  • The effective range of the outdoor cameras is around 10m/30ft in daytime mode and to around 3m/10ft in night vision mode.
  • The Orbit has a range of 2-5 meters/6.5 – 16.4ft (depending on the angle of the object). 
  • The Focus72 has a range of 10 meters/20 ft, irrespective whether is day or night (albeit that it depends on the detection method use: PIR or software). 

Beyond the above given range cameras may still pick up motion but it’s possibly to include false events or not pick up all.

Actualizado en mayo 26, 2022

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