How do I create a SmartZone?

The SmartZone is a feature that allows you to define a specific area of the camera view within which motion is detected and recorded. 

You start by defining the SmartZone: When viewing the video stream of your camera, tap on the blue icon within the streaming area and then define your SmartZone: it is the area within the green lines. 
Whenever you want to change the Smart Zone, tap again on the SmartZone icon and redefine. 

Once the SmartZone is marked you can activate it under Sensor Settings: Activated the app only detects and records motion within the SmartZone. Everything outside it is ignored. 

Other settings are Enter Event and Exit Event: Activating those options you limit the motion detection even further to only those objects and persons that enter or leave the SmartZone. 

  • Enter Event: When activating Enter Event all that the camera detects are objects or persons entering the SmartZone.
    Exit Event: When activating 
  • Exit Event all that the camera detects are objects or persons leaving the SmartZone. 

You can choose to activate only Enter Event, only Exit Event or both. 

Please watch this video for the detailed steps as well.

NOTE: SmartZone is currently only available on the following cameras: MBP854connect, MBP85connect, MBP855connect, MBP845connect, MBP853connect, MBP667connect, Focus85, Focus89, Focus71, Ease44, Focus68, Focus72, MBP67connect, MBP88connect.

Actualizado en mayo 27, 2022

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