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How do I create a Hubble Connected for Motorola account?

Steps to create your Hubble Connected for Motorola account:

  • Open the app and select ‘Signup’.
  • Fill out your username, email, and password, and confirm your password. Please note that:
  1. Your username must contain 3-25 characters and it must be unique, that is, it may not already be present in our Data Base. 
  2. Your username may contain lower and upper case characters as well as numbers, however, it can contain only the following 3 special characters: – _ . The username should consist only of one word. 
  • Then tick to accept the Terms & Conditions and tap ‘Signup’.
  • On the next screen enter the Verification Code to activate your account. This code is sent to you by email. Note that you need to use the verification code within 30 minutes after you requested it. Otherwise, you will get an error code and will need to request the code once again.
  • You are ready to go!
Actualizado en mayo 26, 2022

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